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Dinner Belles formed as a family of fast friends over a mutual love of folk, roots, rock and roll and country music. Comprised of singers and songwriters, the band calls Southern Ontario home, and is all about good vibes and good times. The seven members of Dinner Belles come from a variety of musical projects and together are known for their original sound and infectious live performances.

The Dinner Belles’ 2011 debut, West Simcoe County, was recorded in a now condemned loft above Hamilton's historic Gore Park. Though much time was spent tracking in the unique and antique-laden space, they also retreated to the front windows on breaks to peer down at the twinkling lights of the city and their fellow Hamiltonians, bustling about in the downtown core. Everyone in the band wrote songs for the record and it was recorded live off the floor with minimal overdubs.  The album met with great reviews locally and built them a loyal fan base in their hometown of Hamilton and beyond. The song "Til the Dawn" has become a minor hit thanks to a live version, filmed for La Blogotheque, that has been seen worldwide. As a result, you can find bands and artists from Nova Scotia to Florida covering the song on YouTube.   

The Dinner Belles’ sophomore album, The River and The Willow, highlights the band's collaborative songwriting style and harmony-driven vocals. The album was recorded over the fall and winter at Andy Magoffin's House of Miracles studio in Cambridge, Ontario. Some songs — such as "Same Mistake" — were written in the studio as the band recorded, others put together in studio at the moment of recording. A few band members stayed there 24 hours a day, setting up camp in the converted early-1900s barn. Most of the album was again recorded live off the floor, with the original vocal takes used on most final versions. Some new instruments were also thrown into the mix, such as trumpet, xylophone, accordion, baritone guitar, and bells.   

More than anything, the Dinner Belles are not concerned with much aside from creating something genuine and truthful, and even to have a band bio written about them seems like more information than they want to give. The Dinner Belles ask that you simply listen to the music and decide for yourself if it moves you, and don't bother reading what other people say about it, regardless of their opinion. Music is sacred and too important to have it vetted by proxy.